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Friday, October 21, 2011

Discussion Group on Recycling and Sustainability

Date:  Monday,  Nov. 7, 2011

Time:  10:00 am to  noon

Place:  Seminole  Community  Library  Program  Room
             9400 113th  St. N.
             Seminole, Fl. 33772

TOPIC:  Sustainable  Fisheries

SPEAKER:  Emily Muehlstein, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

R.S.V.P.    Mary  Hampton,


Sandy said...

Recycling helps the earth because it could save animals, it could save birds, puppies and all kinds of them. A lot of the animals that recycling helps to save are the ocean animals. There are a lot of animals in the ocean that mistake trash for food. They're eating things that we could be recycling. Check out this video:

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