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Monday, August 30, 2010

Trash or Treasure?

By; Karen Saley, Extension Specialist

One way to be more sustainable is to recycle, but I’m not talking about only bottles, cans, and newspapers, I’m talking about just about everything you use in your life, household goods, books, kitchen ware, furniture, clothing, sports equipment and more.

At one time shopping at thrift stores and flea markets was considered; well, not very reputable, this is not the case anymore. It’s become all the rage to look for those bargains and save some money, and as an added bonus you get to help save the environment.

If you are of the green persuasion, it only makes sense to recycle as much as possible and take yourself out of the “disposable society” mind set.

So the next time you decide to go shopping consider some of these alternatives:

Thrift stores
Consignment shops
Flea markets
Swapping with friends
Pawn shops
Yard sales
Recycle websites
Church Bizarre

Remember the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So here is your opportunity to save yourself a few bucks, help some worthy organizations, and help sustain the environment.

Happy Shopping!


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