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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Green Holiday Table

James Stevenson, Pinellas County Extension Specialist, Urban Sustainability

The Green Guest

Many of us love to entertain during the holidays, and we may all be invited to a soiree or two during the dark months. You can have a green gathering, and be a green guest when making the holidays merry.

If you are throwing a party, get out that china and linen! Paper service may be easy-to-clean, but the next generations will be left to clean-up after our parties if we continue sending holiday plates, bowls and napkins to the landfill.

As with other food choices and purchases, remember fresh and local. Seasonal treats comingle with sweets and Florida-fresh hors d'oeuvre.

Always be prepared for leftovers. Get a supply of reusable plastic containers, and make sure guests leave with a portion of any extra food. In the spirit of giving and reducing holiday waste, these little snack-gifts will help your guests remember a grand time at your party.

Get your guests involved in recycling. Make sure they know where the bins are, for the occasional beverage can, aluminum chocolate-drop wrapper, or bit of holiday paper generated at a party.

If you are the guest, bring gifts in re-usable containers (gift bags or, if you are bringing food, a reusable plastic container or your own dish that you plan on retrieving later.)


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