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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tips for Green Business Partners

Mary Campbell, Urban Sustainability Agent

In December 2009, Extension launched the Pinellas Green Business Partnership to help businesses save money and reduce environmental impacts. Business goals and sustainability goals are merging to create a new vision for businesses that realize the value that sustainability can create for the organization. If you are considering aligning your sustainability goals with your corporate goals, it is easy to get started.

Let’s look at a sample Green Policy for your business:
Business ABC will promote and support sustainable practices such as: implement energy efficient practices, purchase green certified products when practical and reduce waste through recycling and green office practices.

Now that you have written your Green Policy for your business (see also Thinking Green: December 2009) that describes your commitment to green practices, it is time to engage your employees and set some goals. Here are a few examples:
Business ABC Green Goals 2010
1. Two-sided copying will be used on all documents and electronic sharing will replace hard copies whenever possible.
2. All new electronic devices will be EnergyStar® certified.
3. Employees will turn off all computers and peripherals at the end of each day.
4. Telecommuting will be implemented to reduce corporate carbon emissions.
Setting YOUR goals for 2010 will help employees become engaged in meeting the goals and understanding the importance of being sustainable. Include your employees in setting goals and include goals that improve the work environment, such as green cleaning products that are less toxic and improve indoor air quality. Create a green team in the office to explore new and innovative approaches. Start slowly and integrate new practices that are meaningful to your business and employees.

Make 2010 a greener year and reap the benefits of a healthier workplace, reduced environmental impacts, and cost savings. Learn more about the Green Business Partnership Wednesday, February 17 at 3 pm– Register on line at www.pinellascountyextension.orgON-LINE Registration- Sustainable Living-


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There is Still Time to Register for Greening Child Care Facilities Workshop

Optimum indoor air quality is one of the most critical benefits of ‘greening’ a childcare facility. From purchasing environmentally preferable products to maintenance, get the latest information this Saturday, February 13th at the Greening Child Care Facilities Workshop.

Pinellas County Extension
Magnolia Room
12520 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL 33774

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Fee: $15.00/per person

PLEASE NOTE: Registration closes at Thursday 5:00 PM.

Click here for details.